A Few Rules of Fashion to Figure Out Your Best Outfit

Fashion is something that is on everyone’s mind, man or woman. In any case, there are always some rules of fashion to figure out what works best for you. One person’s outfit may not look so great on another. Finding the right outfit, the right style, and the right colors for you can be a little more difficult. Many times, people use fashion to figure out how to appear slimmer. Everyone wants to look slimmer and here are a few of those basic rules of fashion to figure out what works for you.

1) You absolutely must know your body type.
This is more than just a number or a size. You have to be honest with yourself and don’t stretch the truth. Wearing clothes that just aren’t for your body type won’t look right. If you aren’t in that ideal shape, don’t worry. You can look slimmer in the clothes for your body type. That is why it’s so important that you are honest with yourself. Armed with the right information, you can put together a spectacular outfit that makes you look two sizes smaller without being uncomfortable.

2) Be comfortable.
So many women wear clothes that are entirely uncomfortable in hopes of looking better. The surprising truth is that there are plenty of comfortable clothes that look just as spectacular. There is no need to wear off-balanced shoes, small clothes, or other uncomfortable accessories. Wear what fits you and what feels right on your body. Feeling good is part of looking good and it’s hard to feel good in uncomfortable clothes.

3) Know your jeans.
Jeans are the perfect clothes for any situation. Just about any outfit can work with the right pair of jeans, but you need to know your jeans and how they look. One pair of jeans can reveal a completely different side of your body than the other pair. Some jeans are perfect for accentuating the waist and slimming the legs. Skinny jeans, for instance, fit perfectly with most casual outfits and really bring out the curves of the body. However, the wrong jeans can add a few extra pounds on the back side!

4) Let your tops be flattering.
Find tops that are easy on your problem areas, if you have any. There are so many choices to choose from that everyone can find a top that works with their skin color, body type, and style. You want a top that brings out your tone and really draws attention. If you are going for the slimmer look, then avoid tops with heavy patterns or too many horizontal stripes. The stripes can add a few pounds visually. Use a top with a neckline to bring attention to the chest and neck.

You can use these simple rules for fashion and look slimmer than you ever have before. There’s no need to wait for a big diet or exercise routine to change your life. Just change the clothes you wear and you can look twenty pounds lighter and five years younger. A few simple choices in clothing can make that big of a difference!

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